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Breast and facelift

2012-06-21 15:19
Mothers and daughters have always shared a special bond. It’s as much about family dynamics and handed-down recipes as it is about shared experiences and perspectives. For Kelly and her mom Becky, that bond grew recently to include not only the choice of plastic surgery, but also the selection of the same plastic surgery clinic—ID hospital.
Kelly wanted a breast augmentation, and Becky decided to finally get the facelift she’d been thinking about. ID hospital was the perfect choice for this mother-daughter duo. Kelly said, “their doctor was extremely professional and gained my trust immediately.” Becky agreed. “He never ceased to answer all my questions. I was impressed.”
It all began when Kelly invited her mom to her consultation visit ID hospital in South Korea. Since Becky is a clinical scientist, Kelly knew she would appreciate her mom’s advice and perspective. ID doctor and staffs spent time with them, listening to what Kelly wanted and describing her options. Kelly said, “ID doctor suggested liposuction on my side, next to my breast, and I’m happy he did.” She was referring to her axillary folds (those pesky fatty areas on the sides of the breasts). She decided to move forward with a breast augmentation and lift with the recommended liposuction.
Kelly had many good things to say about her experience at ID hospital. “It was a pleasant experience just to walk in the door. ID nurse was so helpful guiding me to select the right implant size. I knew I was in the right place. Even the patient care coordinator who helped me with my loan was great. I felt such a high level of trust and comfort in the doctors and nurses by the time of my surgery. From my consult on Day One to the post-op appointments that followed, the nursing staff remained consistently amazing. When they opened up about their own surgeries, it was comforting.”
Seeing her daughter so well taken care of, Becky—who had been thinking a getting facelift since her early fifties—decided it was time to talk to ID doctor too. “My first impression of the Centre was great. I wanted a good surgeon and good care, and I felt I could trust ID hospital. I was also impressed with Kelly’s experience.”
Still, she hesitated. She’d never had cosmetic surgery before. Daughter Kelly gave her the push to proceed. She said, “Mom, you’ve been complaining about it for ten years now. Just get it done!” Becky has no regrets. “It’s a good thing to feel young again. It’s great when I tell people my age and they say, ‘No you’re not!’ Every time I look at myself, I feel better and happier that I did it.”
Both Kelly and Becky are glad they had cosmetic procedures. Kelly said, “ID hospital is awesome. Would I have another procedure there? You betcha! I love it.” Becky said, “If you feel better in your skin—that to me is invaluable.” So this mother and daughter strengthened their bond by sharing one more special and rewarding experience—plastic surgery!

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