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Ginny"s story in ID

2012-06-22 09:23
“I wanted to get rid of the jowls and lines that were creeping up on me” – facelift patient

Ginny says, “That coincidence inspired me. I made an appointment to see Doctor in ID hospital. I wanted to get rid of the jowls and lines that were creeping up on me again.” Ginny was also motivated by a new interest, “I am taking acting classes and have taken part in skits and short plays. It’s really something I enjoy and I thought looking more youthful would help me at auditions.”
Ginny recalls meeting ID doctor, “He has a nice personality and was straight forward and helpful without exaggerating. He recommended a mini facelift and a neck lift. I felt trust and knew that he was knowledgeable and would take good care of me. He shared great information but I felt no pressure. I liked that I could go away and take time to make up my mind.”
ID hospital staffs also made a difference to Ginny, “From my past experience, I knew everyone was nice and caring and that I was in good hands. This time I had an immediate connection with one of the nurses named lisa. She has the same first name as an aunt of mine and we had fun talking about that.”
Ginny remembers, “I had some concerns that with a second procedure my face might look ‘too tight’. About a week after the surgery I went to a party. I realized I didn’t feel that I looked ‘weird’. Just like my first facelift, people asked me questions like ‘Have you been on vacation?’ and ‘Did you change your hair?’ And, another friend commented on how good my neck looked!”
While Ginny is a cosmetic surgery veteran, her reenlistment didn’t disappoint her. “When others say ‘You look great’ it’s always wonderful.”
We asked Ginny for advice to someone considering cosmetic surgery, “I would tell others that it’s a good idea to do it if you can afford it. There’s not too much pain and although, as with any surgery, there is risk, that’s a small chance. What you can gain is more self-confidence and a perk in your step since you feel better and more youthful. I’m definitely glad I did it and will come back if I need to. ID changed my life again. ”