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Lauren neck lift

2012-06-29 08:47
Lauren, 66 years old, lived in Los Angeles for several years of her adult life. She owned her very own hair salon for over 25 years and then moved to San Diego to retire and be near her two children. She enjoys watching movies, reading, and going to the beach—especially to catch the sunsets. Lauren was referred to ID hospital by a friend when she decided to have plastic surgery.
“I am 66 yrs.old in excellent health and not over weight, but I was developing a double chin and the sides of my mouth were droopy. On January 23, 2012 I had a neck lift, lower face-lift, both upper and lower eyelids done in Id hospital.”
“My neck was always an eyesore for me. I always felt younger than my age.”
When asked how her surgery has improved her life, Lauren replied, “Tremendously.”

Thanks for all lovely Korean doctors and staffs in ID.