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Marie"s Face and neck lift in ID

2012-07-05 09:10
Marie from Scotland was in her mid forties when she decided she no longer liked what she saw in the mirror. She travelled to ID hospital in South Korea for face and neck surgery, which left her looking and feeling years younger.

Marie remembers what motivated her to go for cosmetic surgery in South Korea where she saved about £3000 on equivalent UK treatment prices:

"I had looked at myself recently and begun to wonder where my sparkle had gone!... Life takes it toll so I decided to take action and make the most of what nature gave, but with a bit of help. Having never been afraid to go for what I want I looked into surgery. Now I know it"s such a common thing these days, but as with all surgery it comes with risk, and I wanted to be very sure of the decisions I made and to go with the right company to help me do this."

Marie decided she could not afford the prices in the UK so she decided to consider travelling abroad. She did plenty of research, but was left feeling skeptical about all the self-promotion she found on cosmetic surgery providers" websites.

However, during her research Marie came across British based ID hospital, an organization that arranges high quality, affordable cosmetic treatment in South Korea. She immediately identified with Secret Surgery:

“ID hospital facebook page dedicated to people who are thinking have had or are going through cosmetic surgery is fantastic, and this was the deciding factor for me. Being able to read real peoples" experiences and see real pictures allays fears and puts minds at rest. The support is awesome!. There is no hard sell, no pressure to make decisions; everything is at a pace designed for the easy transition from enquiry to treatment to completion and with British after-care, which is a huge factor for many people."

Marie found her experience at the Korean clinic in South Korea very easy, and she (albeit reluctantly) rates the staff there as superior to what she has previously experienced in the UK.

"ID hospital does everything for you and all you have to do is get on the plane. They are in constant contact so there are no worries of being on your own. I would highly recommend ID hospital. Go on! Even if it’s just the start of your journey.... you won’t regret taking that first step."