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Liposculpture at ID hospital

2012-07-12 11:40
I had lipo 6 weeks ago at ID hospital and it is the best thing i"ve done, money very well spent. I had my inside/outside thighs, bum and love handles done and I look amazing. Before having it done I read lots of reviews, people saying they returned to work after 4 days etc, I was not expecting the pain and recovery to be so bad, 2 weeks was more realistic, I would also recommend having iron tablets ready to take.

I was a size 16 and very pear shaped 6weeks ago, I am now a size 12 and in proportion, for the first time in my life I am looking forward to summer, no more covering up in big baggy clothes, I don"t leave shops in tears depressed that nothing looks good, I LOVE my new body!!

Thank you – ID doctors !