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Breast enlargement

2012-07-18 09:40
I underwent a breast augmentation procedure at ID hospital in May 2012. As a medical professional myself, I did a lot of research before deciding which surgeon to choose for my surgical cosmetic procedure.
I decided to initially see ID hospital’s Doctor for a consultation after being very impressed by his credentials, experience and his very informative and thorough website. At the consultation he was very professional, yet approachable and friendly, but I was most impressed by the thoroughness with which he performed the consultation, including detailed measurements. I was so confident in my choice of surgeon following the consultation that I proceeded to book my procedure.
I underwent the breast enlargement surgery at ID hospital. The hospital was very modern, with a lovely modern and clean private room and I cannot praise the nursing staff enough. Dr.Seo saw me both before and after the surgical procedure and came to see me the next morning again. I’d had a bit of a rough night due to nausea following the general anaesthetic (which is a normal side effect of general anaesthesia and certainly not something that put me off the whole experience), and he was so kind and understanding the next morning. Once again, despite not feeling very well during the night, the nursing staffs were absolutely brilliant and I was never in much discomfort because of the actual procedure. I recovered very well and much quicker than I expected, even going out for a few hours 2 days after the procedure!
I am absolutely thrilled with the result, and feel that Dr.Seo really listened to what I wanted and managed to produce exactly the desired result. I cannot recommend him enough and have in fact been doing so to several of my friends. I would also like to add that his website is an absolute goldmine of information regarding breast procedures. I would recommend that anyone considering undergoing a breast procedure take the time to read the wealth of information in it as it really helps to understand what you can expect from the procedure and the recovery process.

Mrs RG