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Body Jet liposuction

2012-07-19 09:10
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Hi, my name is Noelie, I’m a farm manager and entrepreneur from near Don caster, underwent Body Jet liposuction in 2012. I had noticed a build-up of fat on her bottom which no diet would shift. With my wedding day approaching, i wanted to look the best. Having previously had cosmetic treatments carried out at ID hospital, then I decided to try Body Jet liposuction.
When I found I couldn’t get into my jeans any more, I knew I had to do something. I felt like my bottom didn’t match the rest of my body, and no diet I tried worked. It was really important to me to look great for my wedding the following year, so I decided to try the Body Jet. The treatment itself was quick and easy, and I could see the results immediately. Within three days, I was back in my old jeans. I’m now a ‘perfect 10’ and feel like a new person.
I recommend ID hospital to anyone who want to have a new life! Thank you to all ID hospital staffs!

Noelie Klineberg