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my two jaw suregry at ID hospital

2012-07-24 11:09
I am so pleased with the care I received throughout my pre-op to post-op care. The staff and Dr. Park are amazing.I felt comfortable and was at ease. The demeanor of all involved was pleasant.
After meeting the staff and Dr. Park, I didn"t want a second opinion... They went above and beyond. I was so impressed with everything."
Your staffs are great, they made me feel very comfortable and at ease with asking questions. They greet me as if they know me personally."
After my extensive research, I decided on Dr. Park for several reasons: honesty, personality and cost..."
I feel absolute trust that the intention of Dr. Park is for the safest and best possible result and not the collecting of his fees. Dr. Park is honest about the possible end result without over promising just to get patients."
Thank you so much for changing my life. I feel so good with myself and owe it all to you! I felt very comfortable with Dr. Park.