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my modle dream from ID hospital

2012-07-27 14:40
I ‘ m an international student from china. I have dreamed to be a model since when I was very young. I had a chance to be a model as a part timer. so I was really happy to make my dream come true. but soon I recognize my face is too big. so it"s not good when I see my picture.
I couldn"t be proud of myself any more. all at sudden I got a chance to get a V-LINE surgery at ID Hospital. it was like a miracle. I was not afraid but excited to get a surgery.
Dr. Sanghoon Park is very famous not only in Korea but also outside of Korea. so I could rely on him. besides there are many foreign patient, and there"s no difficulty to communicate in Chinese at ID Hospital. they could speak chinese and very kind with smile. I didn"t need to be nervous at all. coordinator, doctor... all of them are really kind to me. I got big impress.
I didn"t feel big pain but uncomfortable due to swollen face after surgery. but a month later I could find my new face line. much slimmer, V-line face. of course I was happy, they told me I was recovering fast. they were happy with it too. when I look at myself in the mirror, I can"t express how I feel... I"m so surprised, satisfied and happy. I can"t believe it"s really my new face. I"m very proud of myself now. I got much more energy. other people recognize me as the better person.