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my experience at ID hospital for lipo

2012-07-31 15:19
My name is Petra Ketel and I have two sons of 3 and 4 years of age. I was left with quite a big tummy and my saddlebags bothered me a lot. After having sunk to my lowest ebb and pulled myself together again, it was time for a new start. I had already spoken with an acquaintance who had had some liposculpture done and was very enthusiastic about it. She put me on to ID hospital.

My consultant was very nice and had lots of time for me and told me what I could expect from the operation. I didn"t need to think about it any longer - and the fact that it was so much better at ID hospital had something to do with it. I decided to have 5 areas done.

The surgeon took several photos and marked up the places where fat was to be removed. The doctor told me not to worry because he saw that I was scared. I came round from the doctor two hours later to find the assistants dressing me with a panty-girdle. Afterwards I was allowed back to my room where my husband was waiting for me. As soon as I had woken up properly I was able to go home. The operation was on friday so I had 3 days to recover in comfort. Quite frankly, I was sore. I had muscle pain all over but it got much better every day.

You soon get used to wearing the panty-girdle and showering is not a problem. I wore the panty-girdle day and night for a few weeks and then only during the day for another two weeks. quite a while, you might say but I felt very comfortable. Then I lost 4 kilos which of course could only improve the end result. And as you can see from the photos, the final results are astounding!

I am so happy that I took this step and therefore want to thank the whole team at ID hospital very much indeed.

Petra Ketel