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Mini V-line Surgery

2012-08-17 13:33
Mini V-line Surgery
Faces that can have dramatic effects with Mini V-line chin surgery
Wide and round chin

Wide and round lower chin
The chin is not square or slender
The face is round and chin line is not clear

Long chin

Overall face looks long with a long chin
Lower chin is long

Protruding chin

Lower chin is protruding a little
Lower chin is a little long
Lower chin is a little long and round
Lower chin is big and wide

Asymmetry chin

Center line of face is crooked
Left and right chin lines are different
Lips go up toward one side when smiling
Lips go up toward one side when speaking

Short chin

Lower chin is short and small
Chin looks dour
Neck and lower chin line is unclear
Mouth looks protruding

We recommend the surgery for these customers
If you have taken a prominent mandible angle surgery but not satisfied
If you are afraid of taking existing prominent mandible angle surgery
If you can’t take a long vacation due to work or study
If you already have a slender face
but want to make it slender