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‘Barbie-line’ Rhinoplasty

2012-08-23 10:09
‘Barbie-line’ Rhinoplasty

Barbie-line rhinoplasty is unique in that it is combination of the most favored noses and is only performed in ID Hospital.

Surgical steps
After analyzing protrusion of your forehead and lips, individualized implants will be designed that fits shape of your nose before the surgery using a 3D scanner and Cad.
Analyzing the width of alar and columella, create natural Barbie doll like nose tip and ideal bridge that you want using double cartilage (cartilage of ear and nasal septum).
After your rhinoplasty is completed you will be able to go home, you do not need to stay overnight at the clinic.

Special features of Barbie-line rhinoplasty

Inject different implants to the nasal dorsum and nasal tip.
For straight nasal dorsum, artificial implants such as gore-tex and silicone will be applied to nasal dorsum, while autologous cartilage such as cartilage of nasal septum and cartilage of ears will be used for more natural and pointy nose tip. Since 2 types of cartilages are used for nose tip, we can design your nose anyway you like.
You can get a pointy, natural and noble nose that nobody will notice you ever had a surgery. Your nose will make you appear natural, nobler.

Rhinoplasty that creates an ideal nose tip. A nose altered by Barbie line rhinoplasty is cute, but not upturned. Pointy nose tip will make you look sexy and confident.
With nose that makes you look adorable, sophisticated, confident and sexy, you would look perfect on every occasion.

Customized implants, 3D virtual plastic surgery
The reason rhinoplasty make you look natural is that implants are customized to fit each individual’s nose.
Since we create implants that perfectly fit your nose shape and width of bridge, you will never have awkward looking nose.

Recovery after surgery
After surgery, splint will be added to protect your nose. Next day, cotton in your nose will be removed by a surgeon.
Applying ice packs for 2 days after the surgery and warm stuff afterwards will reduce swelling.
5- 6 days after surgery, nasal splints and sutures will be removed with basic checkup
13- 14 days after surgery, remaining nasal sutures will be removed