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Large alar, Round and blunt nose tip

2012-09-04 09:25
Large alar
Nose alar which forms brim of nostril is wide and looks opened.
Nostrils appear large.
[Surgical procedures]
The large alars are removed in a wedge-shape pattern to narrow the nostrils.

Round and blunt nose tip
The tip of nose is wider than the width of nose.
1. 1. Cartilage in the nose tip is wide and big.
2. Your skin and subcutaneous fat are thick.
[Surgical procedures]
Nasal cartilage trimming / if nasal cartilage is large, upper part will be incised.
Gathering cartilage in the nose tip / If cartilage is widen, gather it.
Removing subcutaneous fat / Remove some of fat under skin if the nose tip has thick skin.

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