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Eyes that make the eyelids look thick

2012-09-14 11:39
Eyes that make the eyelids look thick
The patients with eyelids that look thick do look as such due to extensive amount of and excessively firm skin, peribulbar muscle and fat, which are the eyelids’ key three components. Fat can be removed using non-incision method, and surgery is made possible through the partial incision or incision of the peribulbar muscle or skin. When there is extensive amount of or excessively firm peribulbar muscle or skin, it is difficult to perform surgery using merely the non-incision method.

However, it is possible to create beautiful double eyelids with partial incision or incision, and the eyelids turn into natural double eyelids after some time lapses by after the surgery. Three types of double eyelid surgeries, which are non-incision, partial incision and incision, are available, but the ability to make honest recommendations to patients, factoring in which surgery is most suitable, and surgery technique for realizing the recommended action, as well aesthetic sense are crucial.

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