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Small eyes

2012-09-19 10:07
Small eyes
Small eyes can mean those eyes that are vertically or horizontally small. When the eyes are small vertically, eye shape plastic surgery (sleepy eye surgery) may be recommended so that the patients can open their eyes wide towards the upper side. It may be possible to perform surgery to pull down the ends of the eyes (S-line below the eyes) that entails pulling down the lower eyelids.

When the eyes are small horizontally, epicantho plasty and latercantho plasty are the alternatives. Epicantho plasty entails cutting the Mongolian fold to open up the skin curtain at the front part of the eyes while latercantho plasty entails pulling the back side of the ends of the eyes to ensure that they do not get adhered once again. Then, the eyes are made long towards the back.

Expert’s diagnosis and surgery are required to assess whether the eyes are small horizontally or vertically and to identify suitable and unsuitable surgeries.

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