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Eyes with wide distance in between

2012-09-26 17:21
Eyes with wide distance in between
These are the eyes that the front parts of the two eyes (nose side) look distant. Epicantho plasty surgery that resolves the Mongolian fold is prioritized.

In some cases, however, eye shape plastic surgery that enlarges the eyes vertically or treatment accompanied by double eyelid incision, non-double eyelid incision and others can produce great results.
Harmony with the overall face shape and features is important, more so than the absolute length.

Eyes that make one look old
When people age beyond 30’s, skin’s elasticity decreases, small wrinkles get formed around the upper and lower eyelids and skin droops.
The core of this surgery is to remove the drooping skin of the upper and lower eyelids and muscles around the eyes, turning them firm.