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Non-incisional eyelid surgery

2012-09-28 10:19
Non-incisional eyelid surgery
What is non-incisional eyelid surgery?
Non-incisional eyelid surgery ties the dermal tissue under the skin and the
layers of tissue that surround the eyelid muscle.
There are several non-incision methods including simple non-incision,
consecutive non-incision, single-knot non-incision, and natural adhesion
These methods are hard to distinguish because you can only see holes
around the eyelid region.
The non-incisional eyelid surgery takes about 20-30 minutes which is
shorter than other methods.
The recovery period is also short. Because tissue damage is minimized
due to non-incision, the patient doesn’t need to worry about having scars.
‘Seven-lock’ non-incisional eyelid surgery
We often hear that the double eyelid crease disappears after the non-incisional eyelid surgery.
It’s not 100% true but it’s also not 100% false. Some patients do experience this.
ID Beautyplex introduces ‘Seven-lock non-incisional eyelid surgery’ which will put all your worries to rest!
The clearly defined crease almost never disappears!
Big, clearly defined eyes like those of celebrities! Attractive eyes! Seven-lock non-incisional eyelid surgery will do!
Consult with one of our surgeons at ID Beautyplex~

Main characteristics of ‘Seven-lock’ non-incisional eyelid surgery
Unlike the conventional non-incisional eyelid surgery, we indicate seven points in the eyelid region and use a melting thread to create the crease.

The crease never unwinds.
The entire crease looks natural and clearly defined, making the eyes look
bigger and more defined.
Recovery after surgery
The procedure takes about 20-30 minutes and the suture is removed after two days. Swelling lasts about one week, and it starts to get better slowly within 1-2 months.
It is an appropriate procedure for students or workers who prefer a natural look without leaving scars.

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