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Key techniques of ID hospital

2012-10-16 16:48
Key techniques of ID hospital
Set-up model
The first step to have no difference between the surgery plan and result is to mount the upper jaw in the proper position. Teeth occlusal status after the jaw surgery can be predicted without pre-surgical orthodontic treatment by making a dental mold and analyzing dental problems and making setup model.
Inter-department planning conference
Plastic surgeons, oral and maxillofacial surgeons, and orthodontists have communications for every patient and together they set up the optimal treatment plans for the patients by predicting the movement of the patients jaw and change of the occlusal status
Multiple-segment surgery
The surgeons in ID hospital have the skills and experience for performing upper and lower jaw surgery by cutting the jaw in multiple segments. By using this technique, it is able to move the jaw in nearly any direction that is needed for the optimal result. Even with patients who was said to be inoperable in other hospitals, it is possible in ID hospital.
Skeletal Anchorage System (SAS)
Compared to conventional orthodontic methods, the SAS allowed for enhanced dental movements during the treatment period.
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