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Facial Asymmetry Surgery-First Orthognatic Approach

2012-10-26 16:56
Facial Asymmetry
Surgery-First Orthognatic Approach
ID Hospital is the first hospital to widely introduce the ‘Surgery First Orthognatic Approach’ to correct mandibular prognathism. As the name implies, surgery is carried out first and then orthodontic treatment is followed. ID Hospital has made this technique well-known in the field of cosmetic surgery.

Treatment period is shortened.
Previous orthognathic treatments usually have a three-step treatment process which is pre-surgical orthodontic treatment → jaw (orthognathic) surgery → post-surgical orthodontic treatment. But in the surgery-first approach skips the pre-surgical orthodontic treatment which leads to a significant reduction in overall treatment time.
Prevents aggravation of prognathism.
In previous orthognathic treatments, mandibular prognathism gets worsen during the pre-surgical orthodontic treatment period. This leads to a functional deficit in mastication and speech and also leads to a psychological distress state. All of these problems can be prevented by the surgery-first approach.
Have surgery whenever you want.
The surgery-first orthognathic approach can make immediate changes in one"s appearance after the surgery, and also the patient can have surgery whenever they want regardless of the orthodontic treatments.
Facial Contouring Surgery
If asymmetry is only on the facial contour, facial contouring surgery or simple genioplasty can seek great results instead of a two-jaw surgery.

V-line Surgery
The lower portion of the chin bone is excised in a T-shape and the cut piece that sticks out at the tip is removed. ID Hospital was the world’s first hospital to introduce this procedure, calling it ‘T-osteotomy’. In case the patient has facial asymmetry, V-line is formed by varying the amount of jaw bone excised at each side.

Volumetric mandible reduction surgery
When the patient has a wide lower jaw and facial asymmetry, Volumetric mandible reduction surgery is carried out by varying the amount of bone excision on each side of the jaw.
The tip of the chin is excised and removed, thereby shortening the length of the jaw line. This procedure minimizes the damage done to the nerves but it is still a very sensitive procedure.

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