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My Small Chin Correction

2012-11-14 17:37
My Small Chin Correction
What is small chin?

Let’s take a look at a condition known as ‘Small chin’.
When the chin is set far back and the lower part of the face does not appear to look defined due to its short length, we call it a small chin or a bird chin.

The edge of chin is not sufficient that makes unclear boundary between neck and face. Chine line from both sides look suddenly cut and the face contour looks not natural. The mouth looks protruding if the chin is small which makes the face looks rustic or weak. Lastly, the edge of chin is point of the face. Weak chin makes the face looks dull without an identifying mark.

Close examination
Let’s take x-ray pictures to see the appearance of face bone and compare the size to find out if there’s any problem with the chin. In our hospital, we use face bone examination computer analysis (TFASS®) to analyze positions of front and back of chin and its size accurately. Some problem with the chin may accompany with protruding mouth or chin so that it is better to ask a professional for overall analysis on your face bone.

Simulation of surgery result
You may predict the surgery result using our simulation program (TFASS®). This is a scientific simulation that predicts position of face bone movement and change of skin and fat structure according to it. We suggest several methods of surgery and ask for opinion. Each customer may have different face shape so that this simulation and counseling are important to get a satisfying result.

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