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Preparing the Surgery and After Arriving in Korea

2012-11-19 11:29
Preparing the Surgery and After Arriving in Korea
1.Questions on the surgery and costs can be answered through online consultation, telephone, and email.
2.Surgery confirmation, visa issue
Passport visa registration, Flight reservation
Visa application and flight reservation can be done through the travel agency
3.Make reservations for surgery
Decide a surgical procedure based on your needs.
Schedule a consultation and surgery at your convenience.
4.Notify the hospital of your flight number and arrival time through the following contact information. Check if you need hotel reservation.
Telephone: +82-2-547-0050
Email: doctor@idhospital.com
5.Check Online
Before your departure, the hospital staff confirms your flight number and arrival time by telephone.
They notify all the precautions about your procedure.
After arriving in Korea
1.Pick-up at airport
Telephone: +82-2-3496-9787
2.Arrival at the hospital / hotel
If you arrive before 3 PM, you will come to the hospital and proceed with your consultation. The surgery takes place the following day.
If you arrive after 3 PM, we take you to the hotel so that you can rest. We proceed with consultation and surgery the next day.
When you arrive at the hospital, you will fill out a hospital chart and have a consultation with our chief staff.
After taking X-ray and CT, you will have a consultation with the surgeon.
After the consultation, we decide on a surgical procedure and discuss financial costs with the staff.
Payment in cash (Won, US Dollar, Yen, Yuan, HK Dollar, Euro, etc.)
Payment by credit card is also possible.
5.Pre-surgical examinations
All forms of medication (supplementary, hormone, Tylenol, herbal medicine, etc.) are prohibited before the surgery.
You must consult with the surgeon if you must take medications for special reasons.
You must tell the staffs if you have and symptoms or signs of common cold or other illness.
Previous medical histories such as anemia, blood coagulation disorder, tuberculosis, asthma, allergy, heart or lung diseases, diabetes, psychological problems, and history of any operation must be noticed to the staffs.
Drinking alcohol and smoking is prohibited from 2 weeks before the surgery.

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