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Lee Su-gyeong’s surgery diary

2012-11-21 11:05
Surgery Diary
Lee Su-gyeong’s surgery diary
Name : Lee Su-gyeong
Age : 27 years old
Surgery date : September 18, 2009
Concern : mandibular prognathism…shabby profile

My name is Lee Su-gyeong, and I am a university student who dreams of becoming an elementary school teacher. But I suffer from mandibular prognathism. Starting from my school days, I was taunted often, which left behind a huge scar in me. The most painful incident was when my boyfriend did not allow me to loosen up the muffler in front of our friends, saying that my chin is ugly

And not so long ago, students at the school where I started my teacher training program, filled with anticipation made fun of me as I had expected, calling me a witch with long chin as soon as they saw me. It was then that I made the decision. I decided to free myself from mandibular prognathism, trying everything I can.

Surgery plan
Sanghoon Park, M.D., Ph.D
In case of Lee Su-gyeong, she was suffering from severe mandibular prognathism as her lower jaw was projecting out at least by 16mm compared to those normal jaws. As such, the center of the face appeared as if it was sunken deep while the face gave the trace of a typical person with mandibular prognathism. To solve this problem, bimaxillary surgery that involved fracturing all of the lower jaw in order to reduce the length of the lower jaw by 5mm while pushing back the 16mm towards the rear. Then, occlusion of the upper and the lower jaws was aligned once again. Her impression turned into that of a baby face thanks to the beautiful V-line jaw line instead of the long and sharp face type.
Lee Yang-Ku, D.D.S., M.S.
Snaggletooth was severe and the surface of the occlusion was not even as well. Likewise, she was a difficult case from many aspects. Two teeth were extracted, one with severe dental caries and another one with poor prognosis due to endodontic treatment, and Surgery First Orthognathic Approach were performed. The patient may feel bit of a discomfort in the beginning from the occlusion aspect after the surgery since she was in a very poor condition to begin with, but she will end up with beautiful set of teeth by the time the treatment is completed as her condition is improving with time.
Changes post-surgery
It has been already 50 days since I had bimaxillary surgery. post-surgery, I heard that face swelling improved slowly during the first few months, but these days, I can sense myself changing every day. My hatred for mandibular prognathism that I had filled up in the bimaxillary pre-surgery diary …. Now when I read the diary, it feels like a story from the ancient past to the point that I wonder whether I ever felt this way. A miracle happened to me.

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