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ID Hospital: Patient-centered Services

2012-11-27 09:04
ID Hospital: Patient-centered Services
Customized Clinics
We respond at the patient’s convenience and offer a patient-friendly environment. ID Hospital is a special clinic that is designed to meet the needs of individual patients and effort to provide patient-centered medical services.
Hotel-style service
•Patients driving their own car to the hospital will be given valet parking service.
•The patient can enjoy and relax at ID’s Cafe, managed by a professional barista.
•The glass walls of the hospital’s exterior allow natural sunlight, providing a fresh hospital environment.
•Perfect lighting inside the hospital gives a warm, cozy and comfortable feeling.
•Personal TV and computer along with other entertainment facilities help the patients to recover faster and enjoy their stay at ID Hospital.

Limousine service
ID Hospital offers limousine service to patients discharging from the hospital so that they can recover faster.

Customized clinic
•ID Hospital provides a special clinic that meets individual needs.
oClinic for Students Preparing for Exams, International Students Clinic, Clinic for High School Students, Summer/Winter Vacation Clinic, and Wedding Clinic, etc.
•ID Hospital offers cosmetic surgery tourism for foreigners.
o24-hour consultation service for foreigners
oPick up at the airport and transportation services to the hotel, and cosmetic surgery tour package (ID TEN Service)

Reservations for consultation
We offer both online and offline consultation services for your convenience.

•Make an appointment by telephone: +82-2-547-0050 / +82-2-547-0290

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ID Hospital

TEL: (+82)
70-7136-0058 / 2-34969787
doctor@idhospital.com / idhospitalseoul@yahoo.com
Website: http://eng.idhospital.com/
Address: ID Building 574-2 Shinsa-dong,
Kangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea
msn: idhospitalseoul@yahoo.com