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ID hospital process & Post-surgical Care

2013-01-17 10:53
ID hospital process & Post-surgical Care
1. Design
An in-depth consultation takes place prior to the surgery, and the treatment regions are
2. Fat extraction
After local anesthesia, the area of extraction is disinfected. A tube is inserted into the stomach or thigh and fat is extracted. An adequate amount of fat is extracted so that a few treatments
can be performed.
3. Centrifugation
Only pure fat cells are collected through centrifugation.
4. Fat injection
Tubes of varying lengths are used to inject the fat cells that have been collected through
centrifugation. The facial contour is corrected by injecting these fat cells.
5. Frozen storage
The remaining fat cells are frozen after the treatment.
6. Post-treatment care
Swelling and bruising may vary depending on individual conditions. You must be cautious
when showering for about two weeks. You should not rub the treated area too hard.
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