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Eyes and nose Double-up cosmetic surgery

2013-01-21 15:16
Eyes and nose Double-up cosmetic surgery

Your eyes and nose determine your first impression
Eyes and a nose is everything in first impression.
Your beauty comes from big and sparkling eyes and pointy nose.
Be more attractive, enhance your first impression.
Nose + small chin

Impression projected by a pointy nose tip continues with sealed lips and chin tip.
If your lips are protruded, or if you have blunt and short chin, your appearance may fall short of being ideal even if you have a beautiful nose.
If you have a small chin, your nose is likely to be seen as turned up while your lips may appear to be protruded.
Remember, sophisticated, metropolitan appearance is completed with nose and chin tips.
Nose + forehead

Women’s pride comes from pointy nasal dorsum Do you know all this begins at your forehead?
The height of a nasal dorsum is determined by your forehead If your nose is pointy, but you have flat forehead, you may appear to be old.
Your nose may not even be attractive. Your profile and attractiveness comes from perfect forehead and nose.
Nose + nasolabial folds

What is you have deep wrinkles around a pointy nose?
Your wrinkles may appear to be deeper if you have pointed nose.
You may appear to be aged and tired. Deep nasolabial folds make you appear to be an elderly along with wrinkles on forehead.
Removal of them with forehead lift will make you appear more dimensional as well as your pointy nose.
Check this out if you want to be neat, noble and sophisticated.
Facial contouring surgery + rhinoplasty

What if your face appears to be flat?
Your face appears to be flat if you do not have perfect chin tip, forehead and nose.
Correct elements that make you look flat, such as quadrangular face, cheekbones, flat nose and so on to have a smaller and dimensional face.

new face , new life !
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