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Nose with short columella

2013-03-25 14:35
Nose with short columella

Extension of columella will make your nose more mature.
1. Your nose make you appear to be childish.
2. Nose appears to be turned up even though it is not an upturned nose
[Surgical procedures]
If columella is short, nose tip is relatively low. In this case, lift nose tip so that columella comes out. Since procedures performed with cartilage of ear and artificial implants cannot guarantee safety and desirable results, autologous nasal septum is used to ensure that columella is extended.
A new surgical procedure is described to correct the difficult problem of the short columella without resorting to cartilage grafts. The ready recourse to these grafts, so much in vogue at the present time in primary rhinoplasties, should be carefully and completely re-examined, since the final result very frequently yields no real benefits and may permanently deface the area from which the cartilage has been taken. The present technique combines trimming of the upper lateral nasal cartilages with approximation of the alar cartilages and excisions of the depressor septi muscles and/or contiguous orbicularis oris muscle.
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