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Nose with long columella

2013-04-02 10:07
Nose with long columella
Often these features are accompanied by long arrow shaped nose, and make nose appear long and drooped. Adequate length of columella makes you look younger.

1. Nose seems long and person with this nose appears to be old.
2. Women may appear to be masculine.
[Surgical procedures]
Long columella surgery accompanies with nose tip surgery. It is to move cartilage under the nose that forms nose tip toward shorter direction using nasal septum and fasten it. Accurate fastening can prevent long columella to happen again.
The columella is a bridge of skin directly between the nostrils. In the ideal nose, actually 2-4 millimeters of this skin bridge should be visible from the side view and therefore, a very small amount of the inside of the nostril should be visible from the side. If none of the columella is visible from the side view, that is a concern described as "hidden columella." This can be corrected by bringing the columella out into a more visible location. If there is too much columella show then one can see too much into the nose and in front view it may look like the columella hangs down. Sometimes the columella isn"t really hanging down but only appears so because the side rim known as alar margin is pulled upwards too much. There are a variety of causes such as prior trauma, old techniques in rhinoplasty, or an inherited tendency. A number of surgical techniques can reduce the visibility of the columella or the amount one can see into the nose.
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