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What is Fat Graft?

2013-04-08 09:14
What is Fat Graft?
Your own fat tissues are transferred

What is fat graft?
Any area with excess fat tissue, such as thigh or abdominal region, will be removed, isolated, and centrifuged.
The processed fat tissue will then be administered to the area of interest via injection. Since the fat tissue comes from your own body, your body will not recognize the fat tissue as foreign materials which may cause immune responses.
Once the fat tissue is injected, it can provide more than enough resilience, volume, and younger looking expression to the overall face structure.

ID Hospital fat graft
ID Hospital is helping to maintain the volume almost permanently by significantly reducing the absorption of fat which is the main cause of the conventional M.A.X. fat injections causing droopy or hollow regions.

Fat graft process
1. After a careful consultation, the area of interest will be examined and determine whether the Transfer is possible.
2. After sleeping local anesthetic, the area to extract fat is sterilized and the fat is pulled out from the thigh or abdomen
---using a thin catheter. Abundant amount of fat is extracted and stored to fill in once or twice.
3. The isolated fat tissue will be subjected to centrifugation and only the pure fat tissue will be separated and used.
4. Various sizes of vessels will be used to transfer the precise amount of centrifuged fat into the area of interests to correct
---the facial structure
5. After the fat graft, the remaining will be stored for further use.
6. The recovery rate will vary among patients. However, it is recommended that the patients should avoid any type of contacts
---that may provide pressure to the areas that are swollen and have bruises for the first two weeks.
Will I be able to work right after the fat graft?
After the Transfer, there may be internal bleeding or bruises and swellings. It takes approximately 3-4 weeks to fully heal. The recovery rate for the cheek is much faster.
How long does the fat graft last? Is it permanent?
Some of the fat may be absorbed and eliminated. However, approximately 50% of the fat would be available for prolong time.
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