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Eyes with thin eyelids and -----that create multi-layer eyelids

2013-04-15 09:58
Eyes with thin eyelids and
-----that create multi-layer eyelids
Various types of double lids are available for the patients with thin eyelids,
but the ID Hospital recommends non-incision method in particular.
Non-incision method’s advantages include minimum scars and swelling
and its ability to create natural double eyelids.
In particular, non-incision method is the best choice for the patients whose
double eyelids appear and disappear when they wake up in the mornings, are tired or make-up the eyes.

There are many people who are concerned that the
double eyelids will be loose when we recommend the non-incision method,
but the non-incision method (non-incision method performed on the patients
who can adapt well to this method) does not become loose easily when it is
performed on the patients who are well suited for this method and who can
undergo surgery using this method.

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