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Areas of Fat Injection

2013-04-16 17:30
Areas of Fat Injection
It makes the forehead round and full if the forehead is partially dent or low. It naturally connects forehead and nose line with
nice volume and makes the face look sophisticated.

Frontal cheek
If under the eye or frontal cheek is dent, the eyes look hollow and sick. Fat injection makes the face look bright and cheerful.

Jaw lines
If the jaw lines are uneven and jaw bone is exposed or asymmetry, fat injection can make the jaw line even and balanced.

When the cheeks do not have fat, the cheekbones look more prominent. The patient may look older and give a very strong impression. Fine fat cells can greatly enhance the cheek volume and make the patient look a lot younger.

Around the nose
Due to the sinking of nasolabial folds around the nose, the mouth looks like it is protruding even more and the regions around the nose seem very hollow. In this case, fat transplant can give the necessary volume and brighten the face.

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