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Eye Wrinkle Removal Surgery

2013-05-01 14:53
Eye Wrinkle Removal Surgery

Upper eyelid surgery
It is evident that we all want to battle with aging and look younger.
We tend to judge people’s age based on how many wrinkles are found around the eye.
For patients with drooping eyes, removing sagging tissue around the outer corner of the eye is required prior to eyelid surgery.
In order to perform a successful eyelid surgery, the actual amount of sagging tissue must be determined then remove excess fat tissue, too.
Depending on the condition, skin incision in the eyelid region alone cannot be effective.
The upper eyelid region contains more fat as it is further away from the eyelid region.
If fat deposits and excess skin are removed, the thin region and the thick region will be sutured, thereby giving an unbalanced appearance.
Lower eyelid surgery
As people age, skin under the eyes sag and the pocket that surrounds the fat deposits gets week and wrinkles deepen around the eyes.
At this time, an appropriate amount of skin tissues must be removed or fat deposits must be removed or redistributed. In case fat removal under the eyes is needed without sagging skin, an incision through the conjunctiva can be effective. In case skin removal is needed, excision of the sagged skin is required.
Wrinkle removal under the eyes requires the muscles of the lower eyes to be fixed in the eye socket and the fat deposits are redistributed. Depending on the location and condition of the eyes and eye sockets, muscles, fat, and skin can take place. By operating a customized procedure that meets individual needs, the patient can find a youthful look.

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