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Skinny incision eyelid surgery

2013-05-23 16:17


-Hottest trends in eyelid surgery, Skinny incision eyelid surgery-

Q. What is skinny incision?
For eyelids that have excess amounts of fat deposits, muscles, tissues and thick skin,
an incisional eyelid surgery is usually done.
But people tend to feel uncomfortable with incisions. They are worried that the double eyelid would be too deep and thick.
Skinny incision supplements all of these disadvantages of conventional incisional methods.
The natural crease of the upper eyelid is one of the best advantages of skinny incision.
The name ‘skinny incision’ is used to refer to the crease looking natural and smooth.

Q. Main characteristics of the procedure
The eyelid becomes slim because excess fat, muscles and tissues that make the eyelid thick are redistributed or removed.

Q. Skinny incision is needed when
-there is excess fat or muscles in the eyelid or there are both
-the skin in the eyelid is thick
-the skin in the eyelid is severely droopy
-the patient has already received eyelid surgery
-the muscle that opens the eye is relatively weak (a slight degree of eyelid ptosis)
-the patient wants a very deep crease
-the eyelashes poke the pupil

Q. The differences between ‘skinny incision surgery’ and ‘normal incision method’
Normal incisional eyelid surgery creates a crease after performing an incision and then sutures the skin.
In contrast, skinny incision eyelid surgery redistributes or removes excess fat deposits and muscles that make
the crease get thick.
This procedure improves the patient’s eyelids that naturally look thick and heavy.
The crease is think and light so you don’t need to worry about ending up with a so called “sausage eye” that look chubby
and swollen.

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