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My mandible prognathism (long chin correction) surgery experiences at ID Hospital

2013-06-04 14:24


+Surgical plan to correct her assymetric face line, long chin
-Bimaxillary surgery to reduce lower jaw
+ Orthodontics

Name : Lee Su-gyeong
Age : 27 years old
Surgery date : September 18, 2009
Concern : mandibular prognathism…shabby profile


My name is Lee Su-gyeong, and I am a university student who dreams of becoming an elementary school teacher. But I suffer from mandibular prognathism. Starting from my school days, I was taunted often, which left behind a huge scar in me. The most painful incident was when my boyfriend did not allow me to loosen up the muffler in front of our friends, saying that my chin is ugly

And not so long ago, students at the school where I started my teacher training program, filled with anticipation made fun of me as I had expected, calling me a witch with long chin as soon as they saw me. It was then that I made the decision. I decided to free myself from mandibular prognathism, trying everything I can.


+Post Surgery diary

It has been already 50 days since I had bimaxillary surgery. post-surgery, I heard that face swelling improved slowly during the first few months, but these days, I can sense myself changing every day. My hatred for mandibular prognathism that I had filled up in the bimaxillary pre-surgery diary …. Now when I read the diary, it feels like a story from the ancient past to the point that I wonder whether I ever felt this way. A miracle happened to me.


my surgery experiences diary

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