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amazing makeover story at ID Hospital, facial bone surgery + breast augmentation

2013-06-10 17:30

id 4.JPG

Can you believe it? it is same person!

upper picture is before surgery,
and lower pictures are post 3 months surgery at ID Plastic Surgery Hospital Korea.

Here at ID plastic surgery hospital korea, we have amazing story of makeover.

She is Mrs. Park, has 3 kids.

Her big worries are small breast, angular face and she wanted to get feminine face.

ID plastic surgery hospital doctors helped her worries :

"cheekbone reduction to make baby face + no-tie two-jaw + breast augmentation with implant + V-Line surgery + Barbie Line rhinoplasty + seven lock non-incision method double eyelid surgery"

post 3 months, she got back her inner beauty perfectly and got happiness from id hospital.

actually everyone surprised she looks beautiful natually, isn"t it?

if you have same worries, why don"t you visit your ID doctors?

we would like to make your wonderful story, id plastic surgery hospital.

ID Plastic Surgery Hospital Korea
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