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facial asymmetry

2013-06-19 18:50


My asymmetrical jaw and my unbalanced mind are now fixed.
I felt very uncomfortable because it seemed people were always looking at my face. I felt my mind losing control because of the crooked mouth and asymmetrical face. But everything has changed. Whenever I meet new people, I can finally smile confidently thanks to the beautiful jaw line that ID Hospital gave me.

When the central line of the face is not straight, we call it facial asymmetry. The jaw line on the right and left are different and the central line is bent or skewed. In some cases, asymmetry of the right and left jaws can occur. In other cases, mandibular prognathism or mouth protrusion can occur on top of facial asymmetry.

Esthetic factors
Facial asymmetry breaks the balance and symmetry of the facial line and the jaw line.

Psychological factors
In addition to facial complexities, inaccurate enunciation reduces self-esteem.

Functional factors
Malocclusion can cause temporomandibular disabilities, discomfort in biting and chewing, and digestion problems.

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