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Prominent Mandible Angle

2013-06-20 11:01
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[Prominent Mandible Angle]

1. Surgical procedures of ‘Volume’ mandible angle reduction surgery
‘Volume’ mandible angle reduction surgery improves the side profile with facial contouring while improving the front profile with cortical resection and radiofrequency muscle ablation.

2.‘Volume’ mandible angle reduction surgery shortens the entire length of the jaw line, which is why it is also known as “lower jaw reduction”. Reduction and shaping of the entire lower jaw creates a slimmed and attractive look. The procedure strives to create a slim and slender face line.

3. Steps for surgery

1) The patient visits the hospital and takes X-rays, CT, computer analysis and teeth examination. The patient also creates a model of his/her teeth if needed.
After waiting for the results, the patient has direct consultation with the surgeon.
The surgeon examines the size and shape of the patient’s jaw and decides whether or not a surgical procedure is necessary. ‘Volume’ mandible angle reduction surgery and V-Line surgery are explained and an appropriate procedure is selected.ID Hospital is equipped with the newest 3D CT facility which produces accurate results on which patients can rely.

2) The surgery is scheduled, and additional tests are conducted for the surgical procedure, anesthesia, and orthodontic treatment.This entire process is completed in one day through our one-stop service.
ID Hospital has its own spacious examination center which allows the patients to complete the tests safely in a comfortable setting.

3) On the day of surgery, the patient changes clothing upon arrival. When design and consultation are completed, the patient is transferred to the operating room.ID Hospital’s aseptic germ-free air shower system significantly reduces the risks of infection.

4) The patient undergoes general anesthesia.
Anesthesia is not injected in the operating room but instead in the anesthesia room where the patient can relax while waiting for surgery.

5) The surgery takes about an hour and the patient requires to stay overnight at the hospital.
ID Hospital is equipped with post-surgery recovery rooms where the patient is monitored by a specialized anesthesia nurse and chief anesthesiologist until they wake up.Each nurse is in charge of five patients, which allows intense, safe care for the patient.

6) The patient visits the surgeon one week after the surgery for post-surgical treatment and the surgeon checks the patient’s condition and progress of recovery.ID Hospital offers special care for swelling alleviation, which allows the patient to return to work faster.

7) The patient comes to the hospital two weeks after the surgery to get his/her conditions checked. The suture is removed on this day.

8) The patient visits one month after and the entire procedure is completed after getting an overall check-up by the surgeon.

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