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Isn’t it dangerous if there’s no-tie between jaws? (double jaw surgery at id)

2013-06-21 11:16


Q1. Isn’t it dangerous if there’s no-tie between jaws?

A. It’s not dangerous at all even without the tie between jaws after the surgery. The no-tie and general two-jaw surgeries basically have the same surgery process so that they are both safe. Instead no-tie two-jaw surgery makes you breath comfortably that it reduces the risk of respiratory failure and much safer. Moreover, we look at jaw joint and alignment of teeth after the surgery to finally determine whether or not to tie between jaws. Therefore, the patients have more choices. ID Hospital considers safety of customers and operates only the safest surgery.

Q2. Is the surgery result the same even without the tie between jaws?

A. We plan and manage customers not to have recurrence or deformation after the surgery. Therefore, the result after surgery is the same. We recommend to take no-tie two-jaw only if there will be the same surgery result. Thus, functional result or aesthetic result of face is the same in terms of jaw joint or teeth. We added ID’s only super-precision core technology on top of existing surgery method, so you will be much more satisfied with the result.

Q3. Is no-tie two-jaw surgery operated only at ID Hospital?

A. As we know of, there’s no other hospital that applies our core technology. Of course it is possible to operate two-jaw surgery without the tie procedure. However, the problem is that if they have safe skills and measures to operate without the tie procedure. Do they have successful clinical experiences? These are important matters.

Q4. I’m worried if my teeth are not aligned after the surgery.

A. We use Torque-free Rigid Internal Fastenation which was first introduced by ID Hospital and super-precision jaw joint registration system to predict teeth movement accurately and fasten them. Hence, there’s no misalignment after the surgery. You don’t have to worry because ID Hospital has abundant clinical experiences.

Q5. Is no-tie two-jaw surgery available for all cases?

A. A surgery should be considered with customer’s recovery process and safety. Thus, not everyone can take this surgery. About 80-90% customers can take this surgery based on our clinical experiences so far. We can determine if you can take no-tie two-jaw surgery through diagnosis, so please visit our hospital and take tests.

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