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Mini V-Line, id plastic surgery hospital korea

2013-06-25 16:41
korea plastic surgery facial bone surgery before a

korea plastic surgery before and after mini v line

1. Mini V-Line Surgery Process

-Wide and round chin and long chin
-Long chin
-Protruding chin
-Asymmetry chin
-Short chin


2. We recommend the surgery for these customers:

-If you have taken a prominent mandible angle surgery but not satisfied
-If you are afraid of taking existing prominent mandible angle surgery
-If you can’t take a long vacation due to work or study
-If you already have a slender face, but want to make it slender

3. Mini V-line Experiences at ID Plastic Surgery Hospital Korea (a thai)

ID Hospital, where happier faces are discovered.
(from facial bone to eyes and nose plastic surgery)

tel: +82-2-3496-9787 (English Hot Line)
E-mail: doctor@idhospital.com
webpage : http://eng.idhospital.com
YouTube : http://www.youtube.com/idhospitalkorea
facebook : https://www.facebook.com/idhospital.eng
Address: ID Building 574-2 Shinsa-dong, Kangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea