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Mandibular Prognathism?Best review

2013-06-26 11:01

I could finally overcome my disability.
I received a lot of emails and messages after the surgery.
Some people were worried about how others would see their changed look, while some were deeply concerned because their friends and families were worried about their changed look.
What I want to tell these people is that people’s
reactions vary widely.
Most of them tell you that you look incredibly beautiful and encourage you with all their hearts.

But one or two people end up saying the opposite. (I’ve only met one)
But I don’t mind negative comments. They say such things because they don’t know me.
I’m just thankful that I got the opportunity to complete the surgery successfully.
To be honest, no matter how negative the comments are, they are nothing compared to the physical and psychological pain that I suffered from before the surgery.
If it were not for the two-jaw surgery, I would’ve lived the rest of my life thinking that the pain and suffering were something I had to endure.
I’m truly thankful that I was given the precious chance to finally lay down the burden.
I would like to express my deepest appreciation for every person who has helped me come this far.