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Soft Mesh Rhinoplasty l ID Hospital Korea

Date 2017-12-13 14:38
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Korea Rhinoplasty Before And After / Mesh Rhinoplasty l ID Hospital Korea

Soft Mesh Rhinoplasty

When nasal tip is supported by nasal septal cartilage, it stays tight. In contrast, when the nasal tip is touched, since the nose tip is stiff and oftentimes unable to make a pig-nose.

Id’s new material cartilage mesh creates a high nose bridge and a strong structural support just like a nasal septal cartilage.

Simultaneously, nasal septal cartilage is not required or used for this surgery method. Nasal tip is not stiff and one can make a pig nose – the natural movement of nasal tips.

The list of surgery : Soft Mesh Rhinoplasty
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