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The best Korean plastic surgery clinic, ID Hospital! (FAQ by their real foreign patients)

2017-08-14 15:32

The best Korean plastic surgery clinic, ID Hospital! (FAQ by their real foreign patients)



Best Korean Plastic Surgery Clinic For Foreigners, ID Hospital!

ID Hospital is the most popular hospital in Korea, amongst foreigners who are looking forward to have plastic surgery. It has a good facility for foreigners and many foreigners come to ID because it's Best Korean Plastic Surgery Clinic with good service to foreigners. 

We have many services for foreigners and would love to tell you how to come to Korea for plastic surgery. 




<First : Consultation> 

Q) How do Foreigners receive consultation prior to coming to ID Hospital Korea? 

There are many ways to receive online consultation prior to visiting ID Hospital Korea. 


For online consultation, please either upload front and side photos (passport style, hair tucked behind ears, no make up, no glasses) to http://eng.idhospital.com/counseling/online/ or e-mail (doctor@idhospital.com)). 



Patients can also have real-time consultation via Kakao or Whatsapp (Please add us at idhospitalkorea or +82-10-3187-5905). 



<Second : Appointments>




Q) How soon should I make an appointment for consultation? 

We recommend making an appointment at least one or two months prior to your desired date. 

During the busy seasons (July to August, Dec. to Feb., Korean Thanks giving day, New year holiday) , we recommend making appointments two or three months in advance to ensure you get the desired date and/or doctor. 



<Appointment and/or Surgery Schedule>

Q) How do foreigners make an appointment for consultation and/or surgery? 


Please e-mail us (doctor@idhospital.com) to request a consultation form. 


Q) Can I schedule surgeries together? 

Patients can have multiple surgeries at one time (for example, double jaw surgery, jawline surgery and double eyelid surgery). This is especially convenient for out foreigners / international patients who have linited time in Seoul Korea. The only surgeries that cannot be performed together are double jaw surgery and rhinoplasty. 


Q) Can I schedule surgery on the same day as consultation? 

Most surgeries can be done on the same day as consultation (if deposit has been made in advance to ensure the consultation is early in the morning to ensure enough time for surgery and recovery). Forehead implants and double jaw surgery cannot be done on the same day as consultation. 





Q) How to communicate with Doctor? 

ID Hospital Korea provides free translation service for foreigners' comfort while you are at our hospital. We have 9 language service below : 


Does ID Hospital Korea offer any surgery package for Foreigners / International patients? Why am I asked to pay a deposit? 

For patients traveling to our hospital from other countries, the surgical journey can be less stressful if a deposit is made in advance to hold the surgery date. That way, the patient can ensure the desired date and/or doctor is available at the desired time.


If a deposit is made to hold the surgery date (this deposit goes toward the total cost of your surgery), services such as airport pickup, CT and/or X RAY (if needed), pre and post-operative exams, translation, medical testing (if needed), after care and hotel booking assistance with our affiliated partner hotels, are provided. Hotels start at approximately 80~100 USD per night around ID Hospital Korea. 




Q) Can I choose the doctor for my surgery?

Patients can choose the doctor for their surgery. When filling out the consultation form, please be sure to include the name of the doctor of your choice. If you do not have a specific doctor in mind, please leave the corresponding portion of the form blank and we will recommend the best doctor for each surgery.


Q) What kinds of payment does ID Hospital accept?

We accept cash (Korean Won and US Dollars) and credit cards.

Q) Does ID Hospital have payment or installment plans?

We do not have payment or installment plans.







ID Hospital provides videos for Foreigners. 





Very Famous celebrity Pixee Fox picked ID Hospital for her double jaw surgery. 


Therefore, Best Korean Plastic Surgery Clinic for Foreigners is ID Hospital Korea!!

Very good plastic surgeons, Very good facilities for your safety, Very good Translators for your communication


At ID Hospital, translation services are provided for global patients..

From consultation to getting discharged after surgery, a translator will be with you throughout your visits to our Hospital.

Select your language:

(* Spanish and Russian services are also available)


Id Hospital, where happier faces are discovered.