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Plastic surgery Price inquiry

Plastic surgery Price inquiry

revision rhinoplasty

2016-12-10 15:01

My name is Luisa. I am interested in an online consultation from one of your doctors for a secondary rhinoplasty. I had my first rhinoplasty 1.5 years ago and I am still not happy with the way my nose looks. I am not sure what kind of surgery would I need to improve the appearance of my nose. I currently live in Australia but I am willing to travel to Seul for surgery.

The doctor who performed my previous rhinoplasty does: anatomic rhinoplasty, which is a semi open surgery and no grafts or implants where used. He also did alar or base reduction. I noticed improvements in my nose overall. However I am still not happy with the way my tip looks. I think it is still dropping and my bridge does not seem straight when I take frontal pictures.

I have been recommended to use silicone implants for the bridge augmentation but I have heard negative things about using silicone implants and that it is preferred to use cartilage and also more natural. I would like to know what kind of procedure or what type of rhinoplasty would you think would be best suitable for my face. I want a natural look and hopefully a more refined nose.

I look forward to hear from you,

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