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Plastic surgery Price inquiry

Plastic surgery Price inquiry

full face surgery + other questions

2016-12-25 07:25
hello, so i have quite an outstanding face (my nose, also the eyebrow bone and my chin stand out a lot), and it bothers me a lot. i would like to have it fixed and not stand out that much. (as an example joy from red velvet has a nice side profile) would that be physically possible?
also since i want to have a full face surgery i wanted to shorten my chin (since it stands out that much from the side) but also get a natural looking filler (like joy's chin, from the front) in my chin. also one side of my face has a longer jaw than the other one. i would like to get the two of them shaved to make them smaller and more symmetrical. (by the way i have a naturally small round face (also like joy's))
also i don't have a lot of fat in the inner corner of my eyes, would it be possible to get a fat transplantation? maybe on the undereyes as well
and i have small lips and from the side my upper lip is even smaller, would it be possible to make them fuller and bigger?(also like joy's) (maybe with fat transfer but not with injections since it looks painfully unnatural)
(optional) and also i am pretty pale already but i can't seem to get rid of the little tan on my hands and face, is there a treatment at the clinic that. ould help me get rid of it? also maybe an injection for whitening of the skin in general?

- i wanted to ask how much all of it would cost? i have read that there is a full face surgery type which costs around 30 thausend euros/dollars? i was planning to come to the id hospital in 1 year to do the surgery so i wanted to inform myself a lot. thank you!
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  • 2016-12-27 17:55

    Thank you for taking your time to send us your photos and showing an interest in ID Hospital. We have reviewed your case and the following are our recommendations for you.

    I would like to remind you that recommendations are purely recommendations; it would take face-to-face consultation with our well experienced doctors using possible X-ray and CT scan in order to give you accurate diagnosis and the best surgical plan tailored to your needs.

    Based on your photos, your jaw is wide and and your chin is short so we recommend the V-Line Surgery create a slim, defined jaw line and smaller face. For your under eye area, the under eye area looks sunken, so we recommend a under eye fat graft. It appears that the middle part of your forehead is flat which makes your eyebrows stand out a lot so forehead fat graft is recommended. Instead of doing the fat graft for the under eye area and forehead separately, we suggest you select the full face package, so fat graft can be used on all areas of your face where you require it. This will give you a soft face. For the lips, we only use filler, not fat graft.

    For skin whitening programs, consultation with a doctor must be done first to diagnose the problem, so only after consultation, the doctor can advise you about treatment methods. If you do not live in Korea, it is better to visit a local dermatologist and consult them, because many of the treatments usually require a visit per month to the doctor, and a minimum of 3 to 5 sessions to show a visible difference so unless you live in Korea, it might be difficult to keep up with the treatments

    Fat graft

    Any area with excess fat tissue, such as thigh or abdominal region, will be removed, isolated, and centrifuged.
    The processed fat tissue will then be administered to the area of interest via injection. Since the fat tissue comes from your own body, your body will not recognize the fat tissue as foreign materials which may cause immune responses.
    Once the fat tissue is injected, it can provide more than enough resilience, volume, and younger looking expression to the overall face structure.

    Please see detailed procedure and amazing before & after photos here!

    http://m.eng.idhospital.com/main_surgerys/nano (Mobile)
    http://eng.idhospital.com/eye/eye030402.php (PC)

    V-line surgery (Mandible angle reduction + Chin genioplasty)
    Developed mandible angle and lower chin can give off a strong and masculine impression, making one’s face looks bigger and wider. Our V-line surgery will help you achieve a smaller face with slimmer and more defined jaw line.

    Check out the detailed surgical procedures and Before & after photos here!
    http://eng.idhospital.com/face/face02.php (PC)
    http://m.eng.idhospital.com/main_surgerys/vline4 (Mobile)

    FAQ about Facial contouring surgery
    http://eng.idhospital.com/face/faq.php (PC)
    http://m.eng.idhospital.com/face/faq (Mobile)

    The prices for the recommended procedures are:
    - V-Line Surgery starts at 10 million KRW
    - Full face fat graft starts at 4 million KRW
    - Fillers start at 1 million KRW per cc

    You're required to stay in Korea for 15 days at least after the surgery for following check-up and treatments. Major level of swelling and bruises may last for 3 to 5 weeks.

    Price is inclusive of pre and post operation examination fee (X-ray and CT scan), post-op treatments fee, anesthesia fee etc. If you pay a deposit (deposit is 1 million KRW / 1000 USD) before prior to coming, we will ensure you get the best doctor for your surgery on your preferred day. We will also provide an airport pick-up and assistance with booking in our affiliated hotels (fee is not included).

    If you have any other surgeries that you're interested in or have any further questions do feel free to contact us at doctor@idhospital.com we are more than happy to assist you~

    Thank you for your interests in ID Hospital.

    Best Regards,

    ID Hospital

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