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Plastic surgery Price inquiry

Plastic surgery Price inquiry

How to make my face smaller or structured?

Eddy Zhang
2017-01-01 11:08

I am a 26-year-old male residing in Canada. I plan to visit your clinic in Korean for plastic surgery in mid-February 2017.

Here are some areas that i FEEL needs to be improved

1)Face shape

a)My chin is too short, therefore i do not have a strong jaw line. (I did a chin implant before in 2009)
b)My cheek bone makes my face seems fat.

2)My nose

a)My nose tip is very large
b)My nose is rather short, therefore my nasal hole is very obvious
c)My nose bridge is relatively low

3) Eye

The left eye in my picture seems smaller than the right one, The double eyelid for the left eye disappears sometimes, which lead my face asymmetric.

I would like to know your simulation result, see how much changes i need to make.
I am open to big changes.

Eddy Zhang
Total 1

  • 2017-01-02 15:38

    Thank you for taking your time to send us your photos and showing an interest in ID Hospital. We have reviewed your case and the following are our recommendations for you.

    I would like to remind you that recommendations are purely recommendations; it would take face-to-face consultation with our well experienced doctors using possible X-ray and CT scan in order to give you accurate diagnosis and the best surgical plan tailored to your needs.

    Based on your photos, it appears that your chin is long but your jaw is not severely squared so Mini V-line Surgery is suitable for you.
    The Mini V-line will will create a more natural chin for your face. We also recommend reducing the width of your cheekbones with a cheekbone reduction surgery. For your eyes, an incision eyelid surgery will keep your eyelids fixed. Your nose bridge is low and your septum appears to be deviated so we recommend rhinoplasty for your case. You have a lot of excess fat in your cheeks so we recommend SMAS Lift as well.

    Non Incision SMAS Lifting is a mixture of thread lifting. Along with the Lifting, Accussculpt fat removal laser is used to get rid of the fat in unwanted areas therefore, unlike old-fashioned liftings, this one pulls skin, fat, and muscle simultaneously and lifts to ensure a nice, tight, V line.

    For more details and before & after photos, click here!

    Mini V-Line Surgery detailed surgical procedure and before & after photos here!
    http://eng.idhospital.com/face/face0304.php (PC)
    http://m.eng.idhospital.com/main_surgerys/minivline (Mobile)
    http://eng.idhospital.com/face/face0303.php (PC)
    http://m.eng.idhospital.com/board/sbna/view/cno/13 (Mobile)

    Cheekbone Reduction detailed surgical procedures and Before & after photos here!
    http://eng.idhospital.com/face/face04.php (PC)
    http://m.eng.idhospital.com/main_surgerys/idcheekbone (Mobile)

    FAQ about Facial contouring surgery
    http://eng.idhospital.com/face/faq.php (PC)
    http://m.eng.idhospital.com/face/faq (Mobile)

    The prices for the recommended procedures are:

    - Mini V line surgery starts at 7 million KRW
    - Cheekbone Reduction surgery starts at 7 million KRW
    - Implant removal starts at 1.5 million KRW
    - Rhinoplasty starts at 5 million KRW
    - Incision double eyelid surgery starts at 2.5 million KRW
    - Non Incision SMAS Lifting starts at 6 million KRW

    You are required to stay in Korea at least for 14~15 days post-surgery.

    You will be hospitalized for a day and another 2 or 3 times of treatment sessions are required after surgery.
    Normally patients can go back to daily life a week after surgery. Severe swelling will disappear within a month. However, mild swelling might last for 3 to 6 weeks and finally, you’ll look so natural and no one will notice that you had surgery!

    Price is inclusive of pre and post operation examination fee (X-ray and CT scan), post-op treatments fee, anesthesia fee etc. If you pay a deposit (deposit is 1 million KRW / 1000 USD) before coming, we will ensure you get the best doctor for your surgery on your preferred day. We will also provide an airport pick-up and assistance with booking in our affiliated hotels (fee is not included).

    Please also note, if there is differed recommendation by the doctor during consultation there will be a change in price.

    If you have any other surgeries that you're interested in or have any further questions do feel free to contact us at doctor@idhospital.com we are more than happy to assist you~

    Thank you for your interests in ID Hospital.

    Best Regards,

    ID Hospital

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    (from facial bone to eyes and nose plastic surgery)

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