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Plastic surgery Price inquiry

Plastic surgery Price inquiry

Surgery after major weight loss

Jacquelyn Felstead
2017-03-14 10:07
Hi I have gone from 450lbs to 160lbs and there are several surgeries that I would like to have done. A full face lift including lower eye surgery, breast augmentation (I had a lift on January 26th , 2017 which has lifted them but I have no volume in the upper part of the breast) removal of major amounts of skin under my arms and some sort of correction of exttra skin and rippling in my stomach, and a leg lift.

My question is how much of this surgery is done by your hospital? I cannot find a single photo of a patient that has had surgery for the problems I have noted, having lost so much weight. Also, how many visits to Korea would be required to do all of the above, and what would be the cost?

I could not include all the photos but can do so on request.

Thank you and good afternoon.

Jacquelyn Felstead
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  • 2017-03-17 09:44

    Thank you for taking your time in sending us your photos and having interest in ID Hospital!!

    First, please note that the recommendations made are purely from your sent photos alone and for more accurate recommendation it requires a face-to-face consultation with our staffs and doctor; as well as possible x-ray and CT scan for more accurate understanding of your bone structure.

    Based on your photos, for your body, we recommend an arm lift and thigh lift surgeries to remove the excess skin in those areas, and make them smaller. For your abdomen area, we recommend a tummy tuck. For your breasts, a revision surgery to add implants can be done. For you face, a full face lift and lower blepharoplasty surgery is recommended.

    We only have pictures of patients who have given us permission to use their photos, so unfortunately for the body contouring surgeries, patients do not want to disclose their photos and we have to keep their photos private.

    Arm Lift Surgery
    Arm Lift Surgery is used to reduce the excess sagging skin that droops downward on the upper arm area. The surgery makes a long incision, and tightens the underlying supportive tissue that defines the shape of the upper arm. However, please be informed that the incision will leave huge visible scars on the inner upper arm area.

    Thigh Lift Surgery

    Please be informed that the incision is long, on the inner thigh and will leave huge visible scars in the inner thigh area.

    The prices for all the procedures are as follows:

    - Arm Lift Surgery starts at 8 Million KRW (6850 USD)
    - Thigh Lift Surgery starts at 15 million KRW (12840 USD)
    - Tummy Tuck price starts at 10 million KRW (8560 USD)
    - Breast Revision Surgery starts at 11.5 million- 13 million (10500 USD onwards)
    - Full Face Lift starts at 11 million KRW (10000 USD)
    - Lower blepharoplasty starts at 2.5 million KRW (2200 USD)

    She is required to stay in Korea for 14 to 15 days post-surgery.

    Price is inclusive of pre and post operation examination fee (X-ray and CT scan), post-op treatments fee, anesthesia fee etc. If you pay a deposit (deposit is 1 million KRW / 1000 USD) before coming, we will ensure you get the best doctor for your surgery on your preferred day. We will also provide an airport pick-up and assistance with booking in our affiliated hotels (fee is not included).

    Please also note, if there is differed recommendation by the doctor during consultation there will be a change in price.

    If you have any other surgeries that you're interested in or have any further questions do feel free to contact us at doctor@idhospital.com we are more than happy to assist you~

    Thank you for your interests in ID Hospital.

    Best Regards,

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