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Plastic surgery Price inquiry

Plastic surgery Price inquiry

Ptosis Repair & Double Eyelid Questions

2017-04-04 06:55

I am thinking about a trip to Korea in mid- to late- May. In August 2015, I did a ptosis repair surgery in the United States and aimed for a very minimal improvement but now feel that the results are not pronounced enough. For the ptosis, the doctor used an internal (transconjunctival) approach and I believe it was the Fasanella Servat procedure. The doctor also gave me a slightly more pronounced double eyelid which in one of my eyes I partially had to begin with.

How much is the total cost of the procedure for a ptosis repair and double eyelid surgery? Do I need to undergo a double eyelid procedure if I already seem to have a double eyelid? Can you provide an estimate for the total cost of the procedure, not just what the procedure starts at? How much more will it cost given that I have already had this surgery before?

From the pictures, you can see that there is still faint scarring (which I don't think will go away) on my eyelid when my eye is closed. If I receive another surgery where my eyes are significantly enlargened, will the existing scar become evident on my eyelid when my eyes are open?

Does the existing scar limit the amount of eye enlargement that I can have?

Is it possible to achieve the eye shape and size of the photo attached in image 2? Is there enough space to make my eyes this much bigger? Specifically I want the very rounded eye shape. What surgery would be needed to achieve this and what is the cost?

Do I need to have fat taken out from my eyelids in order to achieve the desired effect? How much does this cost?

How much does it cost for eye bag removal? I am worried that I scar easily and want to know if this surgery comes with scarring that cannot be hidden (as opposed to eyelid surgery which is hidden by the fold of the eyelid).

What is the recovery time for eye bag removal surgery?

What are potential complications for this procedure? If complications arise especially given that I have had this surgery before do I pay for the additional costs to correct the issue?

Are there any discounts if I bring friends to do this procedure with me?

Most importantly, can you please provide specific price estimates for the procedures which you recommend? I would like more specific information more than "Starts at 3.5MM KRW". Can you please give me specific number for each procedure?

Please reply via email as this website loads very slowly for me. I emailed you yesterday with my friend Michelle earlier but feel that it is more convenient to make my own post to have my questions answered.
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  • 2017-04-04 11:47

    Kindly check your email for the response.

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