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Plastic surgery Price inquiry

Facial Asymmetry & Breast Augmentation

2017-05-23 20:59
Hi my name is Jenna and I have asymmetrical face which have been bothering me all my life.

Mainly it is the eye asymmetry that bothers me the most and I believe also makes me disorientated, bumping and tripping into things quite often.

When I use a ruler to compare the difference, my right eye appears to be higher than my left eye by about 5mm to 8mm (it slants upwards). My left eye does not have the same slant.

People have commented (eg dentists and makeup artists) that it is like working on 2 different faces. I was just wondering what are my options to correct the asymmetry?

Also I did breast surgery B cup 2 years ago, right now I am thinking of increasing the size because I do modelling that needs
to have bigger breasts and cleavage (it does not matter if it does not look natural), please let me know if this is possible too.

Please let me know if costs and if you need any further details.

Best regards
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