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Plastic surgery Price inquiry

Plastic surgery Price inquiry

Price of surgery:)

2017-05-25 20:20
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Country : Swiss

E-Mail : docemarcandolfi@hotmail.ch

Phone : 00 41 79 793 54 18

Dear ID Hospital,

I was looking through your Website and wanted to have and idea  of how much approximately these surgeries would cost, now I know you can only say it for shure when having examination and the Price is relatively from Person to Person  but I only want to have an idea of what I could expect the Price to be in ID Hospital.

The surgery types are: Forehead Implant, No-tie Double Surgery and or normal Double Surgery, Bambi eye Surgery, Dual (and just normal) Canthoplasty. and if possible also Fillers and Botox Prices.

Please dont hesitate to contact me asap, I wish you all a lovely week.

Warm Regards
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