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Plastic surgery Price inquiry

Plastic surgery Price inquiry

Facial and lipo

2017-06-03 19:02
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Country :UAE

E-Mail :meero7878@gmail.com

Phone :971527302333

Drea Id Hospital ppl,

My name : marwan
DOB: 30 March 1986
Age: 31
Medical History: No
Allergy: Banadol
previous surgery:
1- Chin Advancement; In Lebanon since 2009. They cut 1 inch from my Chin.
2- Chin and Jowl lipo in Dubai since may 2016.

Im looking to change:
1- To find a surgery to fix my Orthognathic, Fat Face look and Jowl ; Im looking to have non fat face where I can take a selfie and i feel good, and Jow line to have a shape.

2-Body lipo; outer/inner arms, upper/lower abdomen, love handles (front/back), Waist, upper back, bra-Roll and outer/inner legs.

What Im looking to hear from you;
1- Dr advises.
2- One surgery solution for my facial.
3- One body liposuction surgery.
4- cost.
5- Can I found surgery appointment on end of Jun 2017?
6- Could I have facial and body lipo in one day surgery?
7- Days to spent in Seoul (min - avg - max) ?
8- Offer.

Please find the attachments, and i have to ask to be privet not for public.

Best regards,
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