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Plastic surgery Price inquiry

Plastic surgery Price inquiry


2017-06-12 07:50
Country : Portugal

E-Mail : deniseuktablet@gmail.com

Phone : 00447488964599



I am a transsexual woman 28 years old. I would like to plan my ffs. Could you please tell me which of those surgeries can you perform on me?

1- I want a feminization forehead with a beautiful curvy line between nose and forehead. The brows need dastardly be shaved.  I really need a drastically feminization on my forehead.

2 - I would like to a Jaw re-contouring and bone reduction. V-LINE. I would like A smaller jaw bone AND lift up. When I see a square on my face and facing down. I want smaller jaw and facing up

3 - I want a chin re-contouring, smaller and the tip of the chin raised a bit up

4- I want smaller nostrils, thinner nose tip, and nose tip curved up. (Barbie nose) 

I attached my profile pictures.

Could you please let me know how much is (£££) for these 4 plastic surgeries?

Thank you

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